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Icon of Oktozu

Oktozu is a great brain teaser game for puzzle lovers. Oktozu is a fun yet brain challenging game suitable for all ages, with cute graphic animations, nice background music and great sound effects. Details of Oktozu could be found at Oktozu main website.

Download $1.99!


Icon of ShopNDineCal

ShopNDineCal is a shopping and dining calculator with the additional capability to convert the prices of shopping items or meal expenditures directly to other currencies. Details of ShopNDineCal could be found at ShopNDineCal main website.

Download $0.99!


Icon of OktozuCatch

OktozuCatch is an action game suitable for all ages. OktozuCatch features lots of exciting levels providing players with endless hours of fun, challenges and excitement, and with absolutely no in-app purchases. OktozuCatch is available for download at Apple's App Store. Details of OktozuCatch could be found at OktozuCatch main website.

Download $0.99!